The Great Big Pressure Cooker Book

big pressure cooker book

By  Bruce Weinstein & Mark Scarbrough

There are several books published that gives guidelines on how to use the pressure cookers in the kitchen. One of the books is The Great Big Pressure Cooker . This is the ultimate pressure cooking handbook and has over 500 easy recipes for both electric and stovetop pots. Mark Scarborough is a writer and an academician who have taught several colleges. Bruce Weinstein on his hand is a chef and he provided the bulk of the recipiess.

The authors have written several other books such as The Great America Show Cooker Book and the Ultimate Cook Book series . They therefore have great experience in matters of the kitchen and how to use the pressure cookers effectively.T he book has 512 pages and is 7.4 by 9.1 inches in size.

In this pressure cooker book, the authors have covered diverse areas on the breakfast, lunch and dinner, giving recipes on how to prepare certain meals of the day using pressure cookers . They have explained in great detail how to use both the electric and stove top pressure cooker to prepare a meal.

Many people use their pressure cooker during the weekends when they have a large family, or when they have guests in the house and require to prepare enough food for the guests. However during the weekdays, most people never utilize the pressure cookers.

In this book, the writers explain on how one can still use it every day. The book explains how one can prepare breakfast.Using a pressure cooker for breakfast is quick and healthy With the pressure cooker you can be able to prepare breakfast very fast. Furthermore your breakfast will have more depth of flavour.  You can produce  fruit compotes, potato hashes, casserole as well as the porridge without using much effort.

The food is usually prepared in few minutes under pressure rather than the normal methods, and it is also done better. Ingredients will  pick up the flavors from the surrounding liquids, making the breakfast more delicious and satisfying.

The pressure cookers also prepares eggs, whole grains, bread puddings and any other breakfast in an efficient way that no other method has prepared as illustrated in the book. All recipes are well illustrated giving direction on how to prepare the meal.

Usually on a stove top, the breakfast will take a maximum of 12 minutes to prepare a meal.

Here's a great cooker which is ideal for preparing breakfast for a hungry family . . . 

Some of the recipes and instruction given in the book include how to prepare an Apple Maple Oatmeal, which will take a maximum of 12 minutes to 18 minutes under pressure when prepared to serve 4 people. The process will require high pressure of about 9 to 11 psi when using an electric heat or 15 psi pressure when using the stovetop pressure cooker. The resultant will be a natural meal with less effort used.

Preparing apple maple oatmeal, which is a whole grain breakfast, will be done in minutes with the pressure cooker. Steel cut oat are the preferred ingredient together with the maple syrup and dried pears for the apple. The food can be served with some warm milk, or cream the meal in a small saucepan over low heat or in a microwave to keep it warm.

The book also gives recipes and instructions on how to prepare creamy banana oatmeal, which will take 10 to 12 minutes to prepare, and it can be served with regular evaporated milk, almond milk or light cream.

There is also a recipe for oat and walnut porridge which requires 16 to 24 minutes under pressure. The porridge can be served with fresh grated nutmeg  on each serving.

Overall, lots of great ideas which you won't have though of before.  Some were even new to me.

The book is available for sale on Amazon for under $17.‚Äč

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