The P.C. Cookbook

Pressure Cooker Cookbook

By Catherine Phipps

The ability to cook food at higher temperatures places pressure cookers above other conventional methods of cooking. Such ability makes the pressure cookers reduce the cooking time drastically and also makes the cooking become faster.

Cooking using pressure cookers is also cheaper, healthier and greener, assuring of the healthy benefits. Mostly a meal prepared by pressure cookers has all the vitamins and other nutrients retained because less water is used, thus it does not dissolve the vitamins during cooking. Furthermore, the pressure cookers does not burn the food at the bottom of the cooker because of the presence of a unique feature of double walls, and therefore the proteins in the food will not be burned down.

This guarantees the nutrition in the meal. Apart from this, the ability to take lesser cooking time results in fuel efficiency and also saving on time and money.

Catherine Phipps, the author of this book is a mother, a food writer and a recipe developer too. She has worked in various restaurants in her earlier days, but has ventured most into home cooking. Since she is a busy mother, she uses the pressure cooker to prepare a meal for her family daily. She talks of preparing easy and one-pot meals for her family every day. During her daily endeavors, Catherine has gained a lot of experience in pressure cooking.

In her book, the author writes an authoritative guide to both the beginners of pressure cooking as well as those who are already established. She covers many aspects in her books, ranging from the recipes, to tips and guidelines on how to effectively operate and manage the pressure cookers.

Among the recipes that she has outlined and explained inclusively in the pressure cooker cookbook include how to make pot-roast chicken, preparation of seafood risotto, how to effectively cook Boston baked beans, a recipe on preparing pulled pork sandwiches and scotch eggs, guidelines on the best methods of making cheesecakes as well as chocolate pots.

The author offers handy and up to date tips and guides on how to effectively incorporate recipes for conventional methods of cooking and use them during the pressure cooking. She also adds the safety ideas on handling of the pressure cookers while using them, including how to clean the pressure valves and how to regulate the pressure of the cooker while the pressure is building up. There is also a guide on how to incorporate and use certain ingredients during pressure cooking so as to come up with the best dish for a family feast.

The book is indomitably the best guide to be used in the kitchen during pressure cooking. The whole content has been incorporated with color photography and visual representations to make it easier to follow the recipes and guidelines, therefore making it possible to follow everything. The language used is simple and clear with clear definition of words and phrases to make sure anybody with the pressure cooker finds it friendly to adopt.

The pressure cooker cookbook generally is written focusing on the busy home cooks, those who want to prepare great food but with little time, and who do not want to compromise on the quality of food they prepare. The book was written based on what the author went though with her family, and it was basically the experience of using the pressure cooker when preparing for a large family. However apart from the experience, some of the information came through research, where the author went around interviewing people who were using the pressure cookers to find their take and word on the pressure cookers.

The book has more than 150 recipes that can be used with pressure cooking that has time saving and money saving benefits. It will revolutionize the time spend in the kitchen as it provides all the basic and necessary techniques to deal with.

The first edition was published in 2012 by Ebuty press. The book is published in the English language and is available for purchase from all countries all over the world. It has a size of 224 pages with the dimensions of 18.3 by 2.2 by 25.4 centimeters.

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