What is a Pressure Cooker Gasket?

Pressure cookers are one of those tools that are considered a must have in every kitchen. The old way of cooking has been turned on its head and its all as a result of the pressure cooker taking prominence.

Though there are lots of great things to say about pressure cookers the experts agree that where they are not properly maintained they can cause a lot of problems.

The gasket of the pressure cooker is a part that must be maintained properly with repairs carried out in a timely fashion otherwise there is potential for them to simply blow up with little warning.

The blowing up referred to here is meant literally as the cooker could rupture and cause it to explode with the contents of the vessel. It is definitely not a good idea to let a pressure cooker go without the proper service especially as the gaskets will be adversely affected and become a safety hazard.

Here are a few points to help you look after your pressure cooker gaskets and add many more years to its working life.

Firstly, if the gasket of your pressure cooker has got any cracks or even fine lines then this is a warning for it to be replaced. If it is displaying signs of becoming dried out then it should be restored or repaired.

Remedy: remove the gasket first. You can do this by pulling the the gasket of the pressure cooker from one side towards the middle area of the cooker lid from the other side. This will free it from the groove.

The next step is for you to give the pressure cooker a wash in soapy water. A sponge or soft brush should be used when necessary and be careful to rub gently!

When youre rinsing the gasket of the pressure cooker, allow it to air as this is the most effective way to dry it. Once this has been done you should inspect it for cracks or any damage. If you do not find anything of concern then you can apply some oil (vegetable oil is most preferred). Take time to wipe off any excess oil then place the gaskets back in its place.

There you have it. Now you know the best way to look after the gasket of your pressure cooker in easy steps. You should now repeat the process at least every 2 to 3 months.

Enjoy your cooking!

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