Miss Vickie’s Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes

Miss Vickie's Pressure Cooker Recipes

by Vickie Smith

Vickie Smith is an expert in matters of pressure cookers. She created and developed one of the leading pressure cookering websites for a good number of years, and has now transferred her wisdom into a book.

Her book is suitable for everyone interested in pressure cooking, whether you own the pressure cooking or you are planning to upgrade to the use of pressure cooking, you will find every form of recipes, techniques and guidelines that you will need for preparing a great pressure cooker meals.

The book was written in 2009.  However, such is the nature of cooking, recipes don't go out of date or age. 

The contents of the book generally are the comprehension of recipes, techniques and tips about how to pressure cook in your household. This book has recipes which are jam-packed with over 400 recipes on how to make fast, delicious and flavored dishes. The recipes ranges from how to prepare a one-pot meal such as a meal of chicken and rice with mushrooms, to other meals such as preparing a sweet and sour pork, how to make a navy bean soup and how to prepare a chocolate malt cheesecake.

The recipes are well researched and have detailed instructions as well as special techniques which make sure that each and every dish being prepared comes out perfectly with great taste and flavor.

However, apart from the recipes, Miss Vickie’s book contains a lot more things. The book is loaded with in-depth guidance regarding every aspect o why and how to choose and use the pressure cookers in a kitchen. Among the things include:

· A guide to buyers on how they can buy the modern pressure cookers, highlighting on factors that buyers need to consider when looking for a pressure cooker. The guide also gives features of the modern pressure cookers as well as the characteristics of the best cookers.

· There are also the step by step instructions highlighting and giving instructions on how to use the pressure cookers after being purchased. This step includes how one can control the pressure of the cooker, how to regulate the heat as well as how to generally make use of the pressure cooker.

· There is also a part on the safety of the pressure cooker. The pressure cooker can be risky if at all it is not handled carefully. The risk comes for example when operating the pressure of the cooker, when lifting the cooker to put off or on the heat and other activities. In Miss Vickie’s book, the author has outlined all the safety measures that the chef needs to consider so as to effectively utilize the pressure cooker.

· Furthermore, another component of the book involves both the basic and advanced techniques of pressure cooking. Here it is comprehensive guidelines based on the experience and research, these techniques range from how to prepare delicious recipes using ingredients that will make the food not appear to be pressure cooked.

· The common mistakes in pressure cooking are also found in this book, where the author, through experience, advises the readers and chefs on some of the common mistakes they do that leads to poor results from the pressure cooker. She then explains on how to evade such mistakes to produce best performances.

· Adapting recipes to pressure coking has also been highlighted, with the author shedding light on the best way of making favorite meals of your family.

· The last thing found in Miss Vickie’s book is the tips and tricks on the general usage of the pressure cookers to come up with the best results from the same. After reading this book, someone will have a reason to always trust their pressure cookers and will be using them to prepare any kind of meals for their family.

Smith in her book extols the benefits of pressure cooking such as fuel efficiency, higher sense of nutrition, and a faster time of cooking, getting reduced fats in the food and being able to create lower cost meals. The pages have been divided to particular foods such as vegetables, beans, fish and meat. The author also covered eclectic grounds in specific cultures such as the Mexican cultures, Italian cultures as well as African dishes. The book is generally bound to benefit a chef who has just acquired the cooker.

The book usually retails for around US$11​​

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