Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast, Fresh, and Flavorful

Review of the best selling Hip Pressure Cooking Cookbook

By Laura Pazzaglia

Hip Pressure Cooking by Laura Pazzaglia is a book written about the pressure cooking inside the kitchen. Laura wrote about the cookers after watching her friend prepare a meal within ten minutes. She got interested at how the cookers are able to prepare the food so fast while creating more flavor to the food.

Pressure cookers are becoming common in the kitchen households. At first they were viewed lowly but in the recent times, more and more people have begun acquiring them for the kitchen purposes. The pressure cookers are great, they are safe and also they save time and money while conserving energy.

She then ventured into the pressure cookers and cooked so much such that she started offering recipes as well as advice on a website she created. However during that time, the food did not seem appealing to the eyes. She therefore figured out at how she can make the food cooked using the pressure cookers appear more appealing. The information she shared on her website made her to get more audience on as she talked about the recipes for such food.

Pazzaglia has lived in four countries and has a background in IT, having had a career managing tech projects in the Bay Area.  Laura got into pressure cooking in the same way many of us do, she saw a friend boil a whole potato in 10 minutes.  Simple! She then began collecting and reworking recipes to suit her own tastes, and being media savvy, decided to share them online,.  Hence her popular Hip Pressure Cooking website was born.

She is a respected expert in pressure cookery having been invited to visit and work with pressure cooker manufacturers in Europe and the US and provide them with insights for their new models and tips on how their buyers can get best use from them.  She also conducts regular live classes and seminars where she can share her passion and enthusiasm for pressure cooking with a live audience.

The book is a culmination of her experience. It offers more than 200 recipes about different dishes with the inclusion of sections of cooking and ingredients with special cooking techniques that the author has perfected over time. She emphasizes fresh ingredients which appeal to the modern consumer.

She also shares her vast knowledge about the functions and features on modern electric pressure cookers and how to operate them easily and safely. This includes how to read the pressure signal, how to remove the pressure valve etc.

Basically the writer has done a lot in elevating the awareness of pressure cooking. Her tremendous job has seen the pressure cooking become approachable and also easy to understand.

Why Buy Hip Pressure Cooking?

If you only buy one book.  The I suggest that you get this.  It has everything you need to go from zero to hero in no time at all.  Plu, with the added tips on presentation, you'll be wowing your family and friends in no-time with great tasting, beautifully presented one-pot food.  

It's proof pressure cooking can be fun.  Don't believe me?  Read more reviews here.

Pressure cooking has now become fun due to the easy recipes that she provides through her book. She understands well about both the pressure coking and the conventional cooking and their differences, and this has helped produce classic dishes within a short period of time. The knowledge that the books is packed with will within a fraction of time turn you into a pressure chef expert.

The contents in the book can be described as authoritative, creative and concise. If you are yet to discover the magic of pressure coking, hip pressure cooking will most definitely benefit you immensely. Furthermore if you have not yet made a choice of acquiring one, the information in the book will surely make you run to get one.

The imaginative recipes and techniques provided will make you understand why you need a pressure cooker in your home. They are the best way of preparing healthy, contemporary and delectable meals in minutes. Therefore this book apart from teaching how to prepare food which is nutritious, it also guides on how to waste less food while not skimping on the taste.

Some of the recipes outlines in the book include the fish chapter and how to prepare an octopus, the bean chapter on how to deliciously refried beans and the tomato sage-sauce, the egg chapter about how to use the pressure cooker for soft and hard boiled eggs and the chapter on preserves and juice and about making jam. the recipes are easy to use and with excellent results.

The contents of the book are well arranged with colorful pictures, great organization with lots of tips. There are also a variety of recipes at which the chef can choose from for the favorite dish. The recipes are inspired from various cultures such as the Italian, Spanish and Asian cultures.

On each recipe, there are a handy of pictures displaying the visual of each recipe and how it is supposed to be done. This visual display plays a crucial role in determining the type of equipment to be used in each dish. For example if to use a pot, a bowl or a steamer,

Each recipe comes with suggestions on how to add flavor to the food and make it more appealing, and appear as if it does not come from a pressure cooker.

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