Gowise USA 6-in-1 3-Quart Review

Gowise cooker reviews

The Gowise 6-in-1 3-Quart pressure cooker has a stainless steel body and an aluminum insert pot and features a non-stick coating from Dupot. It performs different functions which include slow cooking, low and high-pressure cooking, browning, warming, and steaming.


It also has a 4 inch digital LCD screen and is FDA & ETL certified and has a capacity of 3 quarts.  Making it compact enough for use in any kitchen. The cooker comes with a wide variety of accessories which enables you to cook with ease. It also has an extra mechanism for protection and is ETL approved.  



Easy to use entry level cooker with all the essential features.  

Ease of Use

Open. Toss in the ingredients. Press a button. Done.  It's designed to be ultra-simple.


A cheap and cheerful cooker but with above average build quality. 


Ideal pot for a student or a couple.  Does the basics exceptionally well.

With the 6-in-1 function, this versatile pressure cooker has more than enough features which enable it to perform different functions depending on what you want to cook. The cooker is equipped with a safety handle which is a bad conductor of heat. This gives you protection as you lift the cooker and manipulate it otherwise.


  • Large capacity. This is the smaller version of the Gowise  6-in-1, making it capable of cooking food in large quantities. Thus, you can cook one food at a go rather than using different vessels. This ensures that it saves time, and the food turns out perfectly.
  • Safety mechanisms. The manufacturer has equipped the cooker with safety functions to ensure that you obtain maximum protections. Some of the safety mechanisms in the pressure cooker include sensors which are used for temperature detection, the steam condensation reservoir system, anti-blockage mechanism, and a safety valve.
  • Accessories. When you purchase the pressure cooker, you obtain various accessories which make your work easy. You will get great value for your money because of the number of accessories you get. For instance, it comes with a plastic cup, spoons, and a steel rack. These accessories are very important during your cooking.
  • Detachable parts. The parts can be separated with ease to necessitate cleaning. When cleaning you can take apart the cooking pot, sealing rink, and inner liner to clean properly. The cooking pot is dishwasher safe.

Key Advantages

  • 6-in-1 function. The large capacity enables it to cook different foods at the same time. The unit provides a number of preset functions for cooking different types of foods. The cooker is ideal for a large family. You also do not have to waste time cooking in different vessels, as you use one vessel, and the food is ready to serve.
  • Easy to clean. The detachable parts and stainless steel of the pressure make it easy to clean. The internal valve screen can also be removed by hand and cleaned easily.
  • Durable and high performance. Using the standard ratios and timing and manual setting that enhances the cooking technique. The stainless steel enables the cooker to be durable. 

Things to Watch out For

Some users have noted that this pressure cooker is a bit heavy. So you need to place it in a convenient place because of its weight.

Bottom Line

This pressure cooker consists of a durable and removable aluminum cooking pot. It has a stainless steel and a self-locking lid and it is a feature rich modern model.  Compact so easy to stow away when not in use. But if you have a large family I recommend it's big brother, the higher capacity, 8 Quart pot.

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Gowise USA 6-in-1 3-Quart Pressure Cooker
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I'm a Chef and my name's Chris. I now run a culinary school and consultancy, however my first love was the type of cooking my Mom taught me when I was growing up. That was using a pressure cooker to create delicious, nutritious meals quickly and efficiently. I'm now using this site to pass on my tips and advice to you for buying and getting the best out of your new pressure cooker. Happy Cooking!

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Teo says 10/29/2015

Wholeheartedly agree with this assessment. I recently bought one two months ago and haven’t looked back. It gets used for four of us living in student housing. So gets plenty of abuse and we’ve made some weird recipes – tequila risotto anyone? – in it. But it copes well, is reliable and, when you use it properly makes awesome, wholesome food.

Emory says 12/01/2015

I plan on trying this recipe next week. But right now I just want to ask about cooking meat. As there’s one thing I would like to know – is it important to brown meat and poultry before putting in the pressure cooker?

    Chris says 12/21/2015

    Thank for dropping by Emory.

    The answer is more about appearance than necessity. True, browning adds a rich, robust flavor to a recipe. And it’s something that I always do. But it isn’t necessary if you just want to cook quickly.

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