My Favourite Electric Pressure Cooker Chicken Recipes

Cook like a pro with these easy electric pressure cooker chicken recipes

Here is a selection of great dishes that I've come across whilst planning menus.  These are all taken from cookery sites and I've linked to each of these awesome electric pressure cooker chicken recipes, so you know where to find them. 

As a lover of spicy food the Biriyani is my favorite.  Indian food is always a delight for the senses, even more so when you can use your pressure cooker to impart even more of the flavors and aromas into the meat than with normal cooking. ​

Honey chicken pressure cooker recipe

This first recipe is something quick and simple for lovers of juicy, chicken breast.  It requires browning the chicken in a pan butt the meat is cooked in a pressure cooker.  Which does a great job of infusing the honey and garlic flavors into the meat.  This recipe is taken from the  Bob Warden Great Food Fast cookbook.  Preparation time is under 30 minutes and served with rice and stir fried veggies this makes for a great protein packed, low fat meal.  Use the juice from the cooker as a gravy and pour over the succulent meat. Mmmm.

Follow the recipe. . . .

Chicken with paprika pressure cooker recipe

This next recipe is courtesy of the US Rice Council.  ( No, I didn't realize they had one either ) But they do and they give some great tips on cooking with rice and preparing dishes that go well with rice.  

Paprika is an acquired taste and isn't to everyone's liking.  But give it a go.  The recipe is simple, with minimum amount of equipment needed and only a handful of ingredients, most of which you'll already have in the house.    My main piece of advice for this recipe is not to add the cream too early.  Always, always leave it until the last minute once you have removed the pan from the burner.  The main reason dishes like this don;lt taste the way they should is that the cream, which should add thickness and richness, gets overcooked and curdles.  

Follow the recipe. . . .​

Chicken biriyani pressure cooker recipe

This dish requires more practice and a feeling for how much spice to use.  If you don't already use a lot of spices then I'd jump to another recipe.  You're going to need quite a few ingredients to make the dish properly and if you skip one or try to use a substitute then it just isn't going to work and the complex combination of flavors won't hit the mark.  

Watch the video below for the full recipe and method​.

Chicken with chickpeas and chorizo pressure cooker recipe

​Serious Eats have some seriously good recipes and this Colombian chicken dish is awesome.

 This Colombian recipe basically involves chucking chicken, potatoes, fresh tomatoes, sliced onion, and bay leaves into a pressure cooker.  No additional liquid is required, because as the pot heats up the chicken and tomatoes produce liquid.  This then cooks the potatoes.

The end result is an super tender chicken and an intensely flavoured  broth.  All in 30 minutes.

Follow the recipe. . . .​

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