Elite Platinum EPC-678SS Review

Elite EPC pressure cooker reviews

The Elite Platinum EPC-678SS pressure cooker is one of the easiest cookers you will love to use. It has 11 easy to use preset functions, and reduces your cooking time by approximately 70%. The company has incorporated different features into the cooker which ensures that you will enjoy your cooking.

For instance, it has a removable stainless steel pot, measuring cup, steam rack, serving scoop and dual layer thermal exterior. It also has an automatic float valve that adjusts according to the pressure that builds up inside, and an exhaust valve and adjustable airtight seal for manual release.  With all these features it's east to see why it often tops pressure cooker reviews.



Large number of preset options means it's very versatile.

Ease of Use

Easy to use and even more importantly, very easy to clean.


Currently being discounted to around $100,  a versatile cooker for a great price.


Presets + Ease of use and (currently) low price = excellent value for money .


The pressure cooker comes with 9 pre-programmed menu functions. It is programmed in such a way that it can perform different functions such as steaming, cooking rice and making soup, and it also cooks specific foods such as different types of meat and vegetables.

  • LED display and touch-pad digital control panel. You are in a position to easily follow the operating process because you can control everything using the LED Display. You know the time the food will take to cook because of the presence of the LED Display. You can also control your cooking using the 24-hour timer.
  • Auto-lock handles. The presence of these handles makes the pressure cooker safe to handle, and it also ensures that the pressure cooker is comfortable and secure to use. They are made of materials which are bad conductors of heat, so you are assured of safety when handling it.
  • 24-hour delay timer. With the delay timer, you can manage to perform different errands as the food cooks in the kitchen. Its large size also enables you to cook a lot of food at the same time, so you do not have to waste time cooking in different vessels.

Key Advantages

  • Saves energy and time. The pressure cooker uses less power compared to the other traditional cookers. You save up to 70 percent of energy because it does not consume a lot of energy. It also saves time because you can cook different meals at the same time. You can also use the 24- hour timer to regulate the time that you want the food to be ready. The cooker also speeds up cooking.
  • Retains minerals and vitamins. Steam is retained in the cooker thus the vitamins and the minerals are retained inside the pot. This ensures that your guests and family consumes healthy foods every time they eat something that was prepared in this pressure cooker.
  • Provides two ways of adding cooking time. This is one of the nice advantages that you will get using elite platinum EPC-678SS MaxiMatic Digital Pressure Cooker. You can push a button once to add the cooking time by a minute. You can also long press the button to add the cooking time instantly.
  • Easy to set up. To set up the pressure cooker all you need to do is to follow the instructions in the manual provided. The instructions are very straightforward and you should be able to use it straight out the box.

Things to Watch out For

Users should note that the system is not good for browning meat you have to keep stirring and add oil to attain the effect which won’t be possible if cooking the meat under pressure.

Bottom Line

The combination of brand quality, great reviews, all the features you need for under $100 make this well worth adding to your shortlist.  Its modern design also stands out amongst less aesthetically pleasing cookware.  

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Darlene R. says 11/10/2015

Another vote for the Elite pot. I just had mine professionally serviced and cleaned after almost 3 years of regular use. I recommend giving your cooker a thorough clean and replacing any worn parts. In my case the seal needed changing which only cost a few bucks.

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