What are the Different Parts of a Pressure Cooker?

Right from the time that Denis Papin came out with the steam digester way back in 1679 , traditional cooking equipment has changed at a rapid rate. Nowadays pressure cookers have become a must-have commodity in most households. In actual fact pressure cookers have now taken cooking up to the next level for our convenience. There are a lot of foods that can now be cooked altogether in a very short space of time than it wouldve taken for them to be cooked separately.

Stainless steel or aluminum are what pressure cookers are mostly made from and consist of lots of parts. The sealing ring or gasket is a very essential part of the pressure cooker. It is responsible for making the cooker airtight and it also makes sure that the pressure gets released only through the steam outlet. To make sure the gasket stays in perfect working order, the pressure cooker normally has an extra flanged lid lock. That said it is not essential for all pressure cookers to have this part.

Another essential part of the pressure cooker is the vent or pressure outlet. This is really a prominent part of the pressure cooker for the simple reason that if it does not work properly then the whole pressure cooking becomes a hazard. It is also the only part f the cooker able to release pressure that builds up during the cooking process. If the vent is damaged or blocked then the cooker itself can burst. There are modified parts of the pressure cooker that come with vents easy to take apart and wash.

The next important part is the cooker lid. You will find the handle, vent and the gasket on this part. It is very important that lid fits the pressure cooker tightly. Its handles have to be strong so that they can carry the contents of the cooker. If for any reason whatsoever lids do not fit properly with any of the other cooker parts then you really must replace it without delay.

Next is the pressure cooker pot itself. This pot is of course where you put the food in. It must be clean and free from leakage. Canning racks are the areas where food can be placed on. The pressure cooker base is normally made to be three-ply and is made up of copper cladding and helps ensure the pressure cooker is more efficient.

Care must be taken when storing the various parts of your pressure cooker after each use. Place the lid loosely on the pots or by the side of the pot. If you lock the lid when not in use, you could cause the cause the the cooker to give off an unpleasant smell.

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