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Pressure cookers are some of the common items that are used in the kitchen especially when preparing large dishes. They help to prepare food at a faster rate and within a short period of time. This helps to make a busy lifestyle less hectic especially if one is a working mom.

Working moms can prepare the meals easily without worrying of being late for dinner, even after coming from work late. Such advantages have resulted in the pressure cookers being an inevitable part of any kitchen.

However, just like any other mechanical equipment, the pressure cooker sometimes stops to function, or in other cases they will not perform as expected. They will take a lot of time to cook; the food might not be well cooked plus other minor and major cases which might lead to frustrations in cooking. Some of the common problems of the pressure cookers include the following.

The number 1 most common problem is when the steam leaks especially around the lid of the cooker, which prevents the pressure from heating up. This will result to the food not cooking properly. This problem can be solved by checking the gasket of the cooker and ensuring it is well fixed and no food residues or cracks are found along its trim. Also by washing the gasket with cold water, it can help to solve this issue. The gasket should be fixed properly and in the right direction with the words on the gasket facing upwards.

The second common problem in pressure cookers is when they are not able to prepare the food effectively within the estimated time frame. This is caused by several reasons such as when the cooker is filled with food and water in excess which tends up blocking the pressure and making the food not to cook properly.

Furthermore, the lids are held loosely which leads to the pressure not building up properly. The handles and the lids should therefore be kept in the right position always so as to make the cooker work best.

Water oozing out of the pressure valve or in other cases vapor dripping along the rims of the handle is another problem of the pressure cookers. This usually occurs during pressure build up when the cooker tries to regulate the weights. The problem should stop after the pressure has been regulated. Another possible cause of the problem is when the residuals of food get layered to the inside of the vent pipe, and its solution is to clean the pipe.

Sometimes also the lid can get jammed during pressure buildup, and the lid will not open even after the heat has been turned off. This is another pressure cooker problem and it is solved by pouring cold water to the cooker which will release the pressure and the lid will come off easily.

The last problem is when there is a worn out gasket that tends to prevent the pressure from building up and maintaining its level.  Such a gasket is solved by replacing it.

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