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Why Preppers Love their Old Skool Steam Pots

As the video shows, pressure cookers are versatile and long lasting.  Plus energy efficient which makes them a favourite with preppers. When adopting the pressure cookers for other purposes, it will be a great way of saving on the fuel. This is because the pressure cookers will prepare the food in half the time that can […]

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Shhh . . . How to make Moonshine at home

It is possible to make moonshine alcohol at home using a pressure cookers. This is done by following a recipe for making the alcohol at home. However before making the alcohol at home, first find out if it is legal to make the moonshine in your area because most authorities do not accept making alcohol […]

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Common Mistakes When Using a Pressure Cooker

When using a pressure cooker, there a few things you need to put in mind or else you end up making mistakes that may interfere with the cooking process. While it is nice and very convenient to use a pressure cooker without having to attend to the food you are cooking from time to time, […]

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The Advantages of Pressure Cooking for Students

Pressure cookers are a favorite cooking appliance for many people, including students. This is because other than the fact that these appliances being very efficient, they are equally reliable and affordable. Modern pressure cookers have been undertaken through numerous changes and advancements to ensure that they are safe to use in both free and crowded […]

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Essential Kitchen Equipment

Essential Utensils in the Kitchen

Are you planning to move into your own apartment for the very first time? One thing that is very essential is the equipment that you will require to have inside the kitchen. Usually the process of stocking a new kitchen with equipment might seem hectic. There are certain tools that one needs to stock to […]

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Great Value from Vinod

Vinod Pressure Cookers

Vinod  – A Leading Indian Kitchenware ManufacturerSometimes after a busy tedious day in office, preparing a meal that takes ages to be ready is very boring. With the hunger pants as well as the fatigue, the process of preparing food that requires some time bothers many. Whether as an individual or as a family, everyone […]

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