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What Factors Determine the Price of a Pressure Cooker?

Many good quality pressure cooker options are available for the consumers primarily concerned about price. The range of choices is just as large at the lower price range as at the higher price range. So what factors determine the price of a pressure cooker?Construction FeaturesHeavy gauge aluminum is a common construction feature used by many […]

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What is Pressure Canning and what are its Benefits?

The value of pressure canning goes far beyond the monetary value of the food that is processed. The true value of canned food is the love and care that goes into the preparation each jar. Today‚Äôs home canner usually does not can food out of necessity, but because of the benefits it brings to the […]

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What are the Different Parts of a Pressure Cooker?

Right from the time that Denis Papin came out with the steam digester way back in 1679 , traditional cooking equipment has changed at a rapid rate. Nowadays pressure cookers have become a must-have commodity in most households. In actual fact pressure cookers have now taken cooking up to the next level for our convenience. […]

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What is a Pressure Cooker Gasket?

Pressure cookers are one of those tools that are considered a must have in every kitchen. The old way of cooking has been turned on its head and its all as a result of the pressure cooker taking prominence. Though there are lots of great things to say about pressure cookers the experts agree that […]

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Common Problems & Issues

Pressure cookers are some of the common items that are used in the kitchen especially when preparing large dishes. They help to prepare food at a faster rate and within a short period of time. This helps to make a busy lifestyle less hectic especially if one is a working mom. Working moms can prepare […]

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How to Find the Best Pressure Canners

Whenever you think of how to cook low acid foods like poultry, milk, sea foods or even meat in your home, you should think of pressure canning as it is recommended to be the one and only safest way of canning to preserve such kinds of food. With two different types of cans to choose […]

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