Pressure Cooker Cheesecake

Amazing Pressure Cooker Cheesecake Recipe

Pressure cooking is one of the least appreciated cooking methods around despite its wide array of capabilities and advantages. Most people have a limited perspective on what a pressure cooker can do.

Delicious succulent meats, soft and creamy pasta and some impressive rice are just some of the delicious delights a pressure cooker can churn out. This might seem too good to be true especially when you factor in the hustle free and energy saving ways of the pressure cooker. The key to enjoying a surprisingly quick and tasty meal or treat from your pressure cooker is to know how to properly use it.

A cheese cake might be the last thing you would expect to be a product of a pressure cooker, much less a well-made one. Well you can quell your cheesecake craving by making one using the recipe below.

My Awesome Zesty Cheesecake Recipe

What you will need

· A six to eight quart pressure cooker.

· A seven to eight inch spring foam pan or a 2-quart baking dish(round)

· Double folded eighteen inch strip of foil.

· A trivet

· Two cups of water

· A mixer or food processor

Ingredients ( for the crust )

· Two table spoons of melted butter

· Oil spray (non- stick)

· Half a cup of crushed graham crackers or ginger cookies

Ingredients filling

· Sixteen ounces of cream cheese

· Two eggs

· Half a cup of sugar

· One to two table spoons of lemon zest

· One to two table spoons of orange zest

· One table spoon of lemon juice

· One table spoon of vanilla extract

Areas to be aware of . . .

· Ensure all your cooking ingredients are at room temperature before making use of them.

· Use the original ingredients as specified as substitutes at times bring about a different result.

Making the Cake

· Pan Preparation

The essence of the strip of foil is to lift the pan out of the pressure cooker after the baking process. Fold the foil twice and place it at the bottom of the pan with it sides up. In the pressure cooker put in the trivet then add the two cups of water.

· The Crust

Use the melted butter to grease both the bottom and sides of the cake pan. Take your cracker or cookie crumbs and pour then into the pan and starting spreading . The bulk of it should be spread at the bottom with a minimal amount up the sides. Try and make it as flat and even as possible with your fingers or the bottom of a glass.

· The Filling

Using your mixer or food processor beat the cream cheese and sugar together until smooth. Add in the eggs, lemon and orange zest, lemon juice and vanilla. Make sure they are well mixed but do not overdo it. Pour the mixture into your previous prepared pan with the crust.

· In it goes

Using the foil strips carefully put the pan into the pressure cooker and fold down the foil strips to ensure you can effectively close the lid then lock it into place.

Cooking time

Stove top cooker

When using one of these cookers you will need to cook on low pressure. Start off by putting the heat on high until you achieve low pressure then switch to low heat to maintain the current pressure. Let it cook for 35 minutes, when time is up let the cooker get rid of the pressure naturally. The pressure release time will vary from cooker to cooker be sure to know yours.

Electric pressure cooker

In an electric pressure cooker let it cook on high pressure for 25 minutes then proceed to switching it off and let it depressurize naturally.

A Cheesecake is born . . .

After the cool down period has elapsed unlock the lid but ensure you are careful and tilt it away. Let the steam subside then take out your cake using the foil strips. Wipe away any water on top of the cake with a paper towel. The cake will come out looking puffy but this should not worry you as it will condense as it cools down.


Very important. The cooling process will depend on whether you used a spring foam pan or a baking dish. If you used a spring form pan place it on a cooling tray for about an hour before plating it. A baking dish on the other hand requires you to let it cool off in the fridge for three hours.

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Kari says 01/26/2016

Mine was not at all done after 25 min. Frustrating.

    Chef Chris says 01/26/2016

    Hi Kari

    I’d double check the ingredients. But it can take some trial and error. Just as making a normal cake often requires a couple of attempts as what works in one oven may need to be tweaked in another.

    Experimentation and testing – it’s part of the fun of cooking. 🙂

Dawn says 10/11/2017

Looks like the one I would love to try can’t wait till I do sounds delicious

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