About Me

Chef Chris

Hi there!

I'm Chef Chris.  Yep, I'm a Chef and my name's Chris.   How did you know?  

Nowadays I run a cooking school and consultancy but, surprisingly, cooking with pressure cookers was my first culinary love.

I grew up in a large household and my Mother had to find ways to easily feed half a dozen hungry mouths.  I watched as she managed to surprise us on a daily basis with the meals prepared in her trusty old stove top pressure cooker.

That's what kick-started my love of cooking.  I ended up training to be a chef, gaining experience in the kitchens of some well known hotels in the US and Caribbean before moving on to set up my current business.

However, my guilty pleasure is still inviting friends round and then preparing dishes for them using a pressure cooker.  They can't believe how versatile they are nowadays. OK so they don't produce haute cuisine.  But for filling, nutritious meals they can't be beat.  

In fact, it became my mission to try to educate my friends & family, homemakers and cooks on the benefits of using a pressure cooker to prepare delicious, healthy meals quickly and cheaply.

 I hope that my reviews and articles will help you to choose the best pressure cooker for own needs and get the most out of it.

Happy cooking . . .  Chef Chris